Saturday, October 27, 2007


Christine, over at Smiles and Trials and The Ukraine Train tagged me today. I haven't done this answering the four questions before so I will start with the basics and then update with Christine's new questions.

Jobs I've had in my life:
1. Worked at Bickford's Pancakes and Family Restaurant between the age of 15 and 21. It was one of the best jobs for making money and saving (as I did in high school and college) but also gave me some of the worst nightmares in my life...picture you being the only waitress in a building with nearly 150 people arriving on a bus and no chef!!!!
2. Physician specializing in Infectious Diseases and with a specialty in Pediatric HIV. Truly a job of the heart and I have been lucky enough to be very successful in my career so I can get to know some of the most amazing people in the world and have their trust and respect. It is both satisfying and I am constantly in awe at the people who let me into their lives through it.
3. Teaching medicine and pediatrics to medical students and residents. It is one of the most exciting jobs to see young people grow into this profession and inspiring to see them develop skills over time.
4. Mom to 3 children adopted from Russia. I often cannot believe how good God is to me to allow me to have these special children in my life.

Places I have lived:

Thornwood NY
Raynham Mass
Worcester Mass
Albany NY
Richmond VA

TV shows I like to watch:
Anything on TLC
Law and Order (the original)
Dancing with the Stars
Grey's Anatomy

Places I've been to:
I've been to nearly every state in the US at one time or another.
Europe (Italy, Germany, Austria, France, England)
Russia (5 times)
Canada (Ontario, New Brunswick)
Mexico, Bahamas, Turks and Caico's

Fave food:

Fajita's with chips
Cheese (nearly any kind)
Blackened Tuna
Pumpkin cheesecake

Books I've read in the last 5 years:
Several things by James Patterson
The Madman and the White City
...can't remember many (not alot of time to read with 3 kids under 6 years)

Things I enjoy:

Snuggling in bed with my kids
Having my slightly attachment challenged 6 year old turn to me at the end of the day and say (unprompted) "I love you mommy" - and mean it.
Talking about my kids to people who understand what they have come thru to get where they are.
Ice cream

And here are the update questions (and answers)

Jobs I would love to do while still being a Mom:
1. Sounds corny but my current job! I love what I do. My life as a mom has made it even better and even though I don't spend as much time as I did pre-kids, I love that I can go to work and then come home to them at night.
2. Teach all of those clueless people in public schools about what trauma does to children and how "one-size" doesn't fit all.
3. Run a charity

Places I would love to live for one month:
1. Paris
2. In a house located on the Atlantic Ocean so that I could open my windows and hear the surf all night long
3. Alaska (in the summer)

Food I really don't care for:
1. Lamb
2. Lentils

Concerns about adopting from Russia
1. Leaving my other children at home while I travel for the new one(s)
2. Travel in country. the drivers use the lanes as only "suggestions" and especially in the winter, it is scary.
3. Not being able to take them home right away and having to do extra trips

Weekend Catch-up

After 4 days of rain, the sun is finally out. It is a good thing because the kids were starting to get a little stir crazy - and Mommy too.

This weekend my goal is to do the laundry (and fold and put it away) and get the summer clothes into boxes and the winter clothes sorted and only those that will fit put away into the drawers. I have a good start. This morning while the outside was still too wet for kids to play on, they were playing / cleaning in the garage and I got to do some folding and sorting of clothes. It feels good to have some things done.

I am finally making my decisions to do the next adoption and am trying to get things more organized. This afternoon I am picking up a bunk bed set that I am buying off of Craig's List. We finally got one in Richmond about a year ago (at least as I discovered it). I've sold a few of the kids toys that they have outgrown and bought a couple of things too. Can't wait to get it together!

Sunday, October 14, 2007

The difference between girls and boys...

Here is a sample of Logan's and my conversation last night as she was going to bed...

Me: Did you have a good day today?
L: Yes, I had a good day
Me: Who is my pretty girl?
L: Meeee
Me: Who is your pretty girl?
L: Taylor!
Me: Taylor!? (pouting)
L: She's my best friend!
Me: She's your best friend, huh? (Laughing)

Don't think the boys have ever thought of someone as their best friend.

Saturday, October 6, 2007


Today started out cloudy and overcast with a slight drizzle. I can say that the thought of being cooped up with the kids - especially how they started out fighting from the time they awoke- was daunting.


The sun is shining now and the clouds are clearing. We are going to the neighborhood fall festival complete with blow-up rocket slides and moon bounces; pumpkin decorating and face painting; food and music. Last year we didn't go until after 3 (runs from 1- 5) cuz we waited for Logan to awaken from her nap. We nearly missed a lot of it so we are going to skip the nap (maybe a mistake but we'll find out later on!).

Happy fall to everyone!

Wednesday, October 3, 2007


After 1 week of eating minimal amounts and vomiting, Matthew is also feeling better. I can tell because he has re-kindled his love affair with Mac & Cheese. Over the past month he has gone from a kid who preferentially asked of M&C when we went out to dinner (cuz of sensory and feeding issues) to obsessively loving M&C. He has taken to putting a TON of ketchup on top of it and several times in the past months had two bowls at restaurants!

I know he is feeling better if he asks for M&C. Last night I got home at 9:15 after giving a lecture at a meeting of a local adoption agency about health issues in international adoptees. We had stopped for McD's happy meals on the way home and he ate most of his hamburger and fries before I left but was still asking for me to make M&C later. I told the babysitter she could make it for him but neglected to tell her where the boxes were... at 9:15, I was making M&C and he ate about 1/4 of the box at 9:30. Tonight we had left-overs and he ate a huge bowl and just asked me if he could have more...Won't be satisfied with pudding or another sweet...wants M&C. UGH. but at least he is eating!