Friday, June 29, 2007


We have had an unusual week this week with regard to eating. That is, my non-eater M. has been eating as if he hasn't seen food in his life. I told last weekend about the twinkie incident. Well, the box of twinkie's was gone by the end of Monday...2 more (one as a snack in the morning and one as a snack when we got home from daycare). Tuesday I had a cocktail reception I had to attend and so I had a babysitter here. I had given her instructions to let the kids have these rocket popsicles that they like - outside! When I got home around 9 pm, the kids were all having a snack of Lance crackers. M. proceeded to finish that package and eat another one before the babysitter left and then cried when i wanted to put him to bed because he was still hungry. Tonight, I had bought a bunch of snacks for the kids for vacation. M has eaten 3 individual bags of mini-oreo cookies and 1 1/2 of these hostess chocolate frosted cake things with cream fillings. And he had done pretty good with the chicken and dumplings for dinner too!

I don't know if this is a true breakthrough or if he just hasn't been eating at the daycare and just is saving all of his eating for home. Hopefully he will gain some weight this summer. I'm aiming for a whopping 36 pounds (at 6 year check up!) - that would be 4 pounds this year. The last time I weighed him on the bathroom scale he was 35 so it is within reach.

Sunday, June 24, 2007

Lazy Sunday

We had a party yesterday celebrating the end of the year for the graduating MedPed residents and welcoming the incoming ones. I have had this party at my house virtually annually since I moved into this house. It is interesting how it has changed and evolved over the years. This year we had the big Banzai Falls water slide set up and about 7 kids who were jumping and having a good time.

Later in the day one of the rising 2nd year residents did take a few turns down the slide. The weather was beautiful - warm but not too humid and with a nice breeze. Overall a great day for my (last) party as MedPed director.

Today the kids all slept a little later than usual. L didn't wake up till 7:30 - 8:00; Mommy got to stay in bed too...and M slept until almost 9:00. The kids have been having a low profile morning and it is turning out to be a lazy Sunday. I was hoping it would stay that way - but with my three, there is no way that I get a freebie.

This afternoon turned out to be quite an adventure. I think that the fatigue was setting in. I (finally) got L to bed for nap around 2 pm and then the boys were playing with their bed tents and I had to kick them out onto the porch because they couldn't stop arguing. During this, M had a breakthrough. He asked for a snack and went into the garage where I keep them. I thought he would pick some ritz bits ( or hitz bits) as he calls them but instead he returned with a twinkie. Now those of you who know how we struggled with M's food aversion and texture issues will be cringing at that! But, if he wanted to try it...who was I to argue about 200 calories for my skinny boy. Well, amazing me in more ways than one, he absolutely stuffed it into his mouth and made these funny lip smacking sounds. Then, asked if he could have another! Bottom line is that he had 3 of them within 15 minutes!!! Later he said to me...I'm hungry today mom...who would have thought that a simple commonplace statement could bring a grown woman to tears.

Here's to that wonderful creation of cream and cake! THE TWINKIE!

Friday, June 22, 2007

Early Risers...

My son R. is and always has been an early riser - since he was a baby, he has woken up at between 5:30 and 6:00 every morning.  I've tried sending him to bed later to no avail.  
Unfortunately, he gets into trouble when he is up alone and it has been a constant struggle over the last several years.  My friends have all heard about the days he has gotten up and eaten more food than someone can eat in an entire day...or the day he wanted fruit snacks so much that he locked me out of the house to get them (when he was 3 years old).  
We have tried various ways to get him to can't get up until there is a 6 on my digital clock (once he got up when it was 3:36 am...because there was a 6!) can't get up until the sun is high in the sky...he didn't understand that.  
Lately he has been doing better.  I leave out an apple or something good for him to eat and he is content to watch the disney channel for about half an hour until I get up.  Today he came into my room around 5:40 and asked if he could go I said yes.  
Next thing I know, it is 6:12 and he walks into my room talking about what he will do at his daycamp today...and I am confronted with this...

First...I screamed...then I took him into the bathroom mirror to see what he had done and then I told him I would have to shave his head...Next he screamed, and cried saying everyone would laugh at him with his head shaved and I told him everyone would laugh at him with the stripe going down it.
Later when I was calm, I asked him why he had taken out the clippers.  After the usual...I don't know's...he said...

"Well, you should've hidden the clippers in the garage"

Wednesday, June 20, 2007


This week marks the first week of "summer camp" at the daycare.  All of the school-aged children are there, the pool is open and the field trips are underway.  

I've had all three kids at this daycare since February and I have liked it...but never more so than this Monday.  M fell asleep (or tried to) on the ...5 home.  Then, he ate like a lion and when it was time to bed, fell asleep before I could even finish tucking L into bed.  

Oh, if only every night will be like that!  

Saturday, June 16, 2007

is it worth it???

Well, I ended up having a great night sleep last night...woke up at 7:00 and then at 7:35 to take a nice long hot shower before heading out to meet up with them.

The daycare had had a Pirate themed night...they each had a treasure map, self-decorated treasure box complete with candy and "booty" (beaded necklaces and dragoons)...watched the first Pirates of the Caribbean and all fell asleep by about 10:30 pm.

Then we wisked away to the MSB building for the Pediatric Resident Graduation. Everything turned out wonderful and we headed home after lunch. All 3 of the kids were TIRED and there was a lot of mini-meltdowns on the 100 yard walk to the car. Didn't want to leave...didn't want to stay...needed a drink...forgot their coke on the table...wanted some paper to make a "book"...

Can you say tired?????

All 3 tried to fall asleep on the way home but I kept them awake thinking we would do a nap before the afternoon. Unfortunately, the boys refused to fall asleep. At least M was quiet watching a video on the couch. R has been in rare form all day and, frankly, I can't wait till he goes to sleep.

So, was the night alone worth all of the tears, whines, falls, cries, fights that have occured today? Honestly I don't know. I hate to have bad days with the kids and today was definately not one of our best. a friend of mine told me when I was adopting the kids over 4 years ago...You are doing great if you have one good weekend day and ...thank god Monday comes after only 2 days.

Friday, June 15, 2007

A night on my own...

I have the rare pleasure tonight of having the night entirely to myself. I get to sleep in my bed - by myself! We have gotten into a pattern of having at least 2 of the kids sleeping with me. Last night, the two boys were having trouble getting to sleep. They finally went to sleep but only after they were both in my bed and finished kicking each other for 10 minutes. L then came in to get sleep herself. I, however, had a spot 12 inches wide and, with R stretched across the bottom, about 4 feet long.

So...what am I doing tonight? I went to dinner with some friends and then came home and am missing the kids. Its nearly 11 pm and I am not remotely tired. UGH.