Saturday, June 16, 2007

is it worth it???

Well, I ended up having a great night sleep last night...woke up at 7:00 and then at 7:35 to take a nice long hot shower before heading out to meet up with them.

The daycare had had a Pirate themed night...they each had a treasure map, self-decorated treasure box complete with candy and "booty" (beaded necklaces and dragoons)...watched the first Pirates of the Caribbean and all fell asleep by about 10:30 pm.

Then we wisked away to the MSB building for the Pediatric Resident Graduation. Everything turned out wonderful and we headed home after lunch. All 3 of the kids were TIRED and there was a lot of mini-meltdowns on the 100 yard walk to the car. Didn't want to leave...didn't want to stay...needed a drink...forgot their coke on the table...wanted some paper to make a "book"...

Can you say tired?????

All 3 tried to fall asleep on the way home but I kept them awake thinking we would do a nap before the afternoon. Unfortunately, the boys refused to fall asleep. At least M was quiet watching a video on the couch. R has been in rare form all day and, frankly, I can't wait till he goes to sleep.

So, was the night alone worth all of the tears, whines, falls, cries, fights that have occured today? Honestly I don't know. I hate to have bad days with the kids and today was definately not one of our best. a friend of mine told me when I was adopting the kids over 4 years ago...You are doing great if you have one good weekend day and ...thank god Monday comes after only 2 days.

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