Friday, August 31, 2007


Today we went to the elementary school for their open house. With two entering Kindergarten, we were loaded down with pencils, supplies and sleeping mats.

Both boys were very excited. Even though this is Matthew's second time around, we are going to a new school so it was a new place for all of us.

The place was packed and of course, the door we went into was in direct opposition to the K classes...but ultimately we made it to Rm 4 - Riley's classroom. He was very excited to find all of his places from his table, to his mailbox, to his cubby. After we separated all of the supplies, we made our way to the teacher. At first, he wanted to explore the room so I gave him a few minutes, but Matthew was getting anxious and so I started to talk to the teacher and Riley came up and grabbed my leg. When I asked him to say hello to his teacher...amazingly, he looked right at her, stuck out his hand, shook her hand and said..."it's nice to meet you"!!!!

Maybe he has picked up something over the last few years!

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