Friday, May 9, 2008

Mother's day...

Both of the boys brought home a present for me that they made in school for Mother's Day today. Also, I guess the school children made a picture of their mother and the school sent a video "pod" cast link home to each of us where the children each get up and said why they love their mothers...and then they sing a song.
...well, I watched Matthew's tonight and I started crying...he is such a cutie and it was so emotional for me. Then, later, we were watching a show on Noggin where the kid is talking to his grandmother and he says...I wish my grandmother was here too. Well, that just broke my heart a second time in a half hour.
...I miss you too Mom.

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JYNX'd said...

behind on blog reading..and having a hormone weekend or something making me unstable...but you made me tear on that one...afraid to read