Friday, November 2, 2007

All Ready for the Flu!

My friend Beth researched for me about some Flu vaccine clinics at the local pharmacies - my insurance benefits were paying for them free to clients and their Dependants. There is one near my house which had a clinic from 7:30 - 11:30 so we got up really early and left the house before 7 to get there and get breakfast. I had told the boys (well, really Riley who gets all worked up about these things) that they could get the flu mist this year (given intra nasal) and luckily, the FDA approved it down to 2 years so Logan could get it that way too. So we all got our flu vaccines this morning. I got the regular shot because I have a cold and didn't want it to interfere with the nasal vaccine. Anyway, the kids were great but because I had a bandaid (and since bandaids are so popular in our house) all 3 of them wanted one. My little Logan is pretty bright and when they gave her one, she opened it as we were leaving and put it squarely across the bridge of her nose! Even though there was no pain, she knew where her ouchy was! Thank god that is less thing to worry about!

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Christine said...

Interesting. None of us have ever had a flu shot.