Monday, June 9, 2008

Author, Author!

I have been reading this website called "Adoption Under One Roof". Their aim is to "cover adoption from every angle, every view, for everyone". Anyway, I am (minimally) participating in some of their forums and was asked a couple of weeks ago if I would be a guest blogger. So, today my "Joy" post was published on this blog.

...And for those of you who were wondering...Addison continues to do well at daycare. She has gone 3 days so far (and luckily for mommy) and her response to seeing me continues to be " excited-high pitched squeal - followed by a death run to me - and today repeatedly happily slapping both of my arms and kissing me. I could get used to all of this love.

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Debra said...

I'm so glad she's doing so well. She sure does love her mama!