Monday, April 28, 2008


What a difference a day makes?...yesterday was cold, windy, and showers all day. Today dawned with the sun and I got to pick up Addison.
...I picked her up around 10:30; then we went back to the hotel, had lunch and went outside for some fresh air. She was afraid of the swing and liked the seesaw but there's only so much a 47 year old back after sleeping on this bed for 14 days can do!...then went back to the hotel to take a nap. She would only lay on top of me...something I'm loving for the bonding issue...and fell asleep for 3 hours...and oh yeah! didn't wake up crying. we are sitting at the computer and I'm hoping she will let me do some email before she loses it but right now is being an angel.
...oh yeah, I handed her her shoes and she put them on by herself! first put one on the wrong foot and realized it and took it off and put it on the other one!!!Maybe I'll have one who will put his/her own shoes on...cuz that is my issue with the other 3!!!
I'll post more tomorrow, my apartment in Moscow has wireless internet!


Anonymous said...

I hope your night is going well! Can't wait to hear more. Moscow, here you come....and then, home! Debra

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on finally picking up Addison!!!! The 10 days sound like they were hard, and I'm glad they are done for you. Have a safe flight to Moscow - can't wait to hear about this apartment-thing - maybe cheaper than Marriott?? :-)
Renee C.

Anonymous said...

Sue, Congratulations on picking up Addison. She sounds like she is adjusting well already. Keep those bananas coming! Have a safe flight to Moscow, and get some rest when you can. Love, Denise