Friday, April 4, 2008

Trip 2

I am going! Addison is coming home!

Got a call on Thursday with my court date. Yeah...doing the happy dance. So, on April 12th I will fly to Russia and on the 16th, I will have court. After that I will stay for the nearly 2 weeks (including the 10 day waiting period) and come home on May 1st.

I am frantically trying to get everything together - packing - getting little forget me nots for the kids - gathering clothes for Addison - arranging for babysitting and excursions for the 3 kids at home.

It will be interesting to be in Russia that long. Hopefully I will find things to do.

Will try and post every once in a while while there.

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Christine said...

Yeah! Suzanne that is so terrific! Congrats!